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An Overview
SureReputation has set a benchmark standard for reputation with solutions for individuals & businesses to study and assess online reviews, tweets and social posts across the internet, gather trusted reviews directly from their customers, and use their conversations to successfully market their reputation online.

The knowledge we provide is crucial to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, drive marketing efforts and perfect customer service. Along with business, for individuals we provide an exclusive service which help improve their Online image and remove negative vendetta posts, surge their popularity and make their online identity more visible.

Online Reputation Management

At any point of time, millions of reviews and ratings are written daily for individuals like politicians, thinkers, statesmen, lawyers, doctors, celebrities and for business like hotels, restaurants, car dealers, real estate builders etc., across countless platforms and in so many languages worldwide, leveraging social conversations and making sense of big social data is a daunting task.

We at SureReputation have developed a semantic technology and software as a service (SaaS) so that online reputation management becomes simple , affordable and possible for individuals, small businesses as well as for big brands.


How does a better Reputation help you ? Some facts

More Business: It is now established that Social media directly influences more than 83% of all online bookings, and that 49% of visitors won’t even consider booking a hotel or visiting a restaurant that doesn’t have reviews.

Higher Revenues: Quality pays off. Visitors, Guests and customers want to know that they booked the right hotel or purchased the right product or service, so they are willing to pay more with higher scores.

Increased Web Traffic: Sites with trusted reviews and better online reputations are crawled up to 200% more frequently and have an exponential growth in their traffic.

Higher Trust: People today go by the reveiews and feedback of friends and family and that is why 93% of all users trust reviews of their friends , this is 43% when compared with advertisement.

Our Mission

Our mission is helping our clients to grow their businesses and to connect with their stakeholders.

Our values define who we are !.

They are:

Excellence, Integrity, Creativy & Team work.

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